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Choosing the Right Practitioner

Finding a practitioner to work with your child can be difficult. You want to choose someone who has been properly trained in an approach for remediation to ensure your child's success. We suggest asking your potential practitioner these questions. 

  • Do you use the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach, an OG based program, or a Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) Instruction program?

  • Are you certified for this program or approach?

  • Did you complete a practicum? If so, are you working under a Fellow?

  • What are the levels of certification related to your training and which level do you have?

  • How long have you used this approach or program?

  • How do you teach with fidelity – for instance, do you follow the defined process, sequence and include all multisensory elements?

  • How do you keep your skills fresh and up to date? Do you take continuing education classes, attend conferences, read up on the latest research?

  • Are you a member of any reading or dyslexia-related organizations? Which ones?

  • Do you help with homework or focus on reading remediation?

  • What training or education related to “dyslexia” have you had?

  • How long have you been tutoring students with dyslexia?

  • How many students with dyslexia have you tutored? What ages and grades?

  • Does my child need a formal assessment or “diagnosis” in order for you to tutor him/her?

  • Do you do an assessment before tutoring a student? What is involved?

  • How many tutor sessions during the week do you recommend?

  • How long is each session?

  • When do you hold your sessions – early morning, after school, evenings, weekends?

  • Where do we meet -- my home, your office, a public place (e.g., a library)?

  • Is this one-on-one tutoring or otherwise? How many other students are tutored in a group setting and do these students have similar levels of need?

  • Do you offer online tutoring? If yes, does that include a video component?

  • What happens if we have to change an appointment?

  • Will I be expected to work with my child in between sessions? What should I be doing?

  • What should my child do between sessions?

  • How long will the tutoring last (weeks, months, years)?

  • How long can you commit to working with my child?

  • How often will you provide feedback to me on my child’s progress and in what format?

  • Do you interact with the child’s school/teachers? Will you speak with my child’s school if needed?

  • What is your fee? What is your payment arrangement?

  • Do you offer a free consultation to meet me and my child? What should we expect at a consultation?

While we do not offer intervention directly, we can send parents a resource of recommended practitioners in the Charleston, SC area. Email for the list.  

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