The Orton-Gillingham approach is a direct and explicit, structured and sequential, multi-sensory approach that is diagnostic and prescriptive. It is an approach that is not scripted so it can be flexible and individualized. Lessons are crafted to the needs of each student, the child does not fit in the program, the program is designed for student.



  • Is an instructional approach intended primarily for use with individuals who have difficulty with reading, spelling and writing associated with dyslexia 

  • Is used in one-on-one settings, can be effectively integrated into classroom instruction, and has successfully been adapted for mathematics

  • Is always focused upon the learning needs of the individual student

  • Assists the student to become a competent reader, writer and independent learner

  • Uses all the learning pathways: seeing, hearing, feeling, and awareness of motion

  • Continuously monitors the student’s difficulties and builds upon the student’s progress

  • Establishes explicit understanding of what is to be learned, why it is to be learned, and how it is to be learned 

  • Presents information in an ordered way that builds upon and connects to prior learning 

  • Moves from the simple, well-learned material to more complex material

  • Provides for a close teacher-student relationship that builds self-confidence 

  • Is directed toward providing success for every student