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Phonological Skills Assessment

The Orton Gillingham Center of Charleston (OGCC) offers Phonological Skills Assessments for parents in need of identifying strengths and weaknesses in their child’s foundational literacy skills. During this one hour informal assessment, a practitioner will assess phonemic awareness skills, handwriting, letter identification, sound symbol relationship knowledge, and reading and spelling skills using the WIST (Word Identification and Spelling Test).  A RAN (Rapid Automatized Naming) test will also be given to identify a child’s ability to perceive a visual symbol and retrieve the name for it accurately and rapidly.  

OGCC does not provide a diagnosis for learning or attention issues. The practitioner will provide a detailed report of the findings of the assessment and share this with you in a follow up parent meeting.

The assessment fee includes a one hour evaluation and a follow up parent meeting.






PreK Assessment Fee: Ages 5 and 6 

Assessment Fee: Ages 7 and Up


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