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We are committed to elevating the Orton-Gillingham approach in the lowcountry by training more professionals and ensuring completion of the accreditation process with The Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.  By training professionals to the Academy standard, once they are accepted for membership to our professional organization, they will be officially listed as a referral on their website. 


Since this list is available on the Orton Academy website, we no longer offer practitioner referrals to parents.


You may visit:, click on "For Parents" and from there you will be directed to "Find a teacher/tutor".  We suggest that when you request a list, you ask for everyone in South Carolina because it is listed by city and not county, i.e. if you ask for Charleston, all of the Mount Pleasant or Summerville contacts would not be included. Once you email the Academy, you will be sent a list of credentialed practitioners here in our area for you to contact for private intervention services.


Before you hire someone to work with your child, we do suggest you visit our “Choosing the Right Practitioner" page.  We have compiled some questions to ask a potential practitioner as you seek to hire someone to work with your child. We also have a video to watch which speaks to the importance of hiring someone with the proper training and credentials. 

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